Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yesterday & Today

So I spent Saturday at my best friends house just relaxing, visiting and enjoying the beautiful weather and sunshine that was sent our way. She just had her rabbit give birth to a bunch of the cutest bunnies I have ever seen. She introduced me to each and every one, all with their own unique color and characteristics. They were the cutest things, I just had to snap a few pictures of them. Today was spent much like any usual Sunday. Cleaning, laundry...organizing. Basically prepping for the work week ahead. I did not go to the grocery store as planned, however these days it has been so hard with that because Matt has barely been home because of work. It has been so busy for him, and he is working insanely long hours. He eats mostly on the road, and when he can, so it makes it difficult to meal plan and have dinner together. That is OK though, it is winter and with his type of work it is to only be expected! Plus, the odd break from supper making is never a bad thing. Cereal for dinner works for me anytime!
Today I spent quite a fair bit of time organizing in my office/scrap room. It seriously needed a major overhaul, and while it still could use a fair bit of work, today I definitly did get somewhat ahead of the shape that it was in this morning. My dream one day is to have a beautiful custom made studio. One day, but for now I am just thankful enough that I have any space that I can call my own, that I can let get outrageously messy and simply just "shut the door". It may not be fancy, co-ordinated, or "completely" organized from head to toe...but it's me. It is simply my place where I can just go, relax, create, and get inspired!


Anonymous said...

I love the pics of your scrap room... very nice! I gave mine a good overhauling/cleaning/rearranging today too.... felt good! Now if only I could get some work done!
Have a great week Lindsay!

Crystal said...

Very cute room/office. I love the colors! Don't have one right now. It's been converted into a daughter/grandbaby room for a while.

Sarah said...

fun scrapbooking space!!
thanks for sharing! :)

Kim said...

I love your space. Isn't it nice to have somewhere that us just yours to go and get away.... And cleaning and purging always feels good :)

Talia said...

Fun to see where you work and cute cute bunnies!!

Talia said...

oh, and also...
PS: I have tagged you!

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