Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After having "one of those days" it is time to stop, and take a deep breath, and reflect on all that is mine and all that truly does matter. It is about refocusing and realizing. Three special things today that I am so lucky to have: 1.) This blog. How I love to both share and creatively express my vision and the way I percieve the world to be. I also LOVE reading others amazing and ever so inspiring blogs. I just love the connections. Meeting so many wonderful people who share the same passions and loves as I do...and just "get it". 2.) Warm and cozy slippers. Nothing feels so good than to slip my feet into these at the end of a day...especially when it has been as cold as it is here lately! 3.) I have said it over and over, but my husband. He is truly my reality check, my rock, my voice of reason when mine has flown out the door. He is so reassuring and it simply...just warms my heart.

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The Theroux's said...

Love your bunny picture. SO cute!!! You've got a great room for scrapbooking! Hope you have a great day!!

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