Tuesday, January 25, 2011

embrace. {my one little word}

Photobucket since it is almost the end of january, i was just going to touch base with my one little word project. this year, i chose the word embrace and i think it is the perfect word for this year. so far, there have been numerous things to happen and i have really been trying to comprehend and understand them all. i have found that by changing the way i think about them, to embrace them, has really enabled me to the beginning level of acceptance and hopefully true understanding. this project is really wonderful and i am looking forward to having a completed journal by the end of 2011 reflecting and documenting all that i have consciously 'embraced' within my year. i chose the word embrace because i really believe that acceptance and embracing situations for what they are are vital steps to achieving inner peace. i may not always understand a situation fully, but if i can work to embracing it for what it is and look beneath and realize that i can embrace and accept it...then maybe it will work to bring about more peace within, rather than anxiety. Photobucket i have also been working to embrace my 'creative' drive and have been slowly working on some layouts of events last year for my album. this layout is documenting the trip matt and i took in september. looking back for some reason this trip seems so far away so i am thankful that i have these memories in a safe place where i can go back and relive such a special time. i am also loving using a bunch of photos on a layout...i am really loving the collage style. i think it is a great way to tell a story, capture a bunch of photos on one page, and i just think it looks cute! i am looking forward to embracing next month, completing the next part of our project and seeing what is in store. i really love the whole 'one little word' concept and encourage anyone and everyone to try it. of course you do not have to do it as a scrapbook type album or project, but it is a neat way to hang on and work towards bringing something positive into your life. something to focus on and work towards. i always think how amazing it is how the things you focus and concentrate on in your life are brought back to you in various ways. just a thought! Photobucket

Thursday, January 20, 2011

been wondering.

Photobucket the other weekend i made this necklace for this beautiful girl i met at creative escape. she is embarking on a wonderful new adventure in her life. she is also going through a heartbreaking challenge. i usually do not like to talk or write about negative things on my blog, but these days i have just been wondering about a lot of things. since the new year, it seems like so many people are going through so much darkness, struggle and trial in their lives and at times for me it is just so hard to comprehend it all. i have and continue to be blessed with so much good in my life, and i have never taken one second for granted. one of the things that i try to instill in my life on a daily basis is 'conscious mindfulness'. to be in the moment, to be present, to be thankful. all of these innocent and amazing people that have been dealt such struggle are all so wonderful and did not ask for any of it. but i also believe that in life the dark moments and dark days exist for the sole purpose to bring about more light, more hope, more resiliency within those that are in the midst of it all. like it or not, we are all going to be participants in life's messy game and i guess the more open we can be to the waves of change, the better we can face head on whatever is to come our way. on another note, these days i have been enjoying my ipod, reading 'the power of now', drinking green tea, journaling, making homemade soup and am so excited that american idol has started up again. savoring the simple everyday indulgences that inspire me and energize my heart.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

everyday beautiful.

Photobucket a cozy saturday, chilly temperatures outside...a fire burning in the woodstove inside, and my pj's. truly my idea of an 'everyday beautiful' moment. simple, serene, calming and peaceful. it is not everyday in the midst of all the busy-ness that we all tend to find ourselves in that one can just stop, be mindful and appreciate the simplicity and calmness of the day. that is what this day has been for me. even had time to create which made the day even better. savoring this day, this moment, this time. my heart is full of gratitude for today.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

new project.

Photobucket this is my new baby. my new project. my new start to 2011 is in this amazing little book. i had got this journal back in december and knew that it would come in handy for the perfect project one day. little did i know that the amazing women of house of three would come up with the PERFECT project for this journal. The kit is amazing and so much fun to work with. The possibilities are truly endless. There are spots in the journal for weight loss, changing habits, creating new habits, fostering creativity, refocusing, the list goes on and on. i am so excited to get started. i have been in the mindset of wanting to document more of my everyday and i know this journal will help me do just that.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Photobucket Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010. Wow...a year that I remember just beginning like it was yesterday is truly now behind us. I am so looking forward to a FRESH start, a FRESH year, with FRESH possibilities and a clean slate ahead. I believe it is going to be such a great year and am looking forward to it all! Like a wonderful quote I found stated, "an ending does not have to be sad. It is the only way to begin something NEW"...so very true. I feel that there will be new things on the horizon for me this year and I am truly going to embrace every moment, chance, and opportunity to enjoy life and all of it's crazy ups and downs. We celebrated the new year by attending a family friends wedding. It was a very unique way to ring in the new year and quite inspiring to be there to watch two people join in a new life together hours before a new year was to be welcomed. It was truly beautiful! I think it is time to BEGIN!

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