Monday, June 20, 2011

just so right.

Photobucket well, it has been such a whirlwind since the middle of last week. and it has been awesome. watching one of my closest friends get married, and being so lucky to have been a part of the day was a moment i will never let go of. it was so beautiful for so many reasons. i love how it feels to be so happy for someone else. it's a happy that you just cannot contain that just wants to come out and be alive. and that is the kind of happy i have for her and her new husband and their new life together. i just admire her for so many things. she has such strength and devotion in her, and i know that no matter what she will do in her life, she will only experience great things for everything that she has chosen to do previous. there were moments of her wedding where i was really able to witness true love and devotion. never giving up and never letting go. believing in something when you have every reason to turn the other way and let go of all that you have hoped for. it was amazing and i loved it. thank you again for everything. xox Photobucket Photobucket now that the wedding is over i will be focusing my time on my own photography, working and completing an amazing course i am taking called "soul restoration 2" and it has been so awesome. i have been busily completing and creating inside my art journal and so far i absolutely love it. the projects are so amazing, thought provoking, and even just for my overall creativity it has been a perfect boost. i am so thankful that there are people out there putting out such incredible courses and that with the internet people all over the world are able to connect and learn from each other. I also read the most awesome quote today and it really made me think and even be more grateful for opportunities to learn and grow and stretch yourself beyond places you thought you could go. The quote reads "I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth, then i ask myself the same question" ~Harun Yahya yeah...makes you stop and think hey?

Monday, June 6, 2011


Photobucket so let's just say i have been away thinking. a lot has gone on in the month of may, and i guess you could say it lead to a personal "shut-down". just some space, time to breathe, time to clear my head, time to help, time to think. it is not as if there has not been stuff to talk or write about, but i think in life we just all need a break sometimes and maybe my month of may was it. every now and then i often find i am at a loss for words to describe a certain way that i am feeling, or thinking. the other week i came across the above quote and it was like, "aaahhh...FINALLY some sweet inspiration". i just LOVE this. thank you for re-energizing my heart. right now i am just in between a lot of things. photography, projects, wellness, weddings etc. it has been really good and for the first time in a while i just am feeling really content. not necessarily caught up by any means, but just content. today i actually took 20 minutes and just laid outside on the grass. i closed my eyes and really listened to the wind, the birds, the calm. it was so nice and i just truly felt grateful for that moment. grateful that the sun was out, grateful that their was a beautiful breeze to compliment and ride on it's rays. happy that i had the afternoon to do that and blessed that i took the chance to do so. Photobucket happy is also an upcoming celebration. one of my best friends will be getting married in a few short weeks and i cannot be happier, or luckier, that i get to be a part of her big day and watch her become a brand new wife. it is a very exciting time and i am really looking forward to the big day. i have also been busy posting some photography love on my life artistry photography blog. beautiful families celebrating themselves, one of my most favorite things. :)

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