Friday, January 9, 2009


If anyone has not been to the website entitled "One Little Word", (which is a site that issues scrapbook challenges embracing a certain word...)I highly recommend stopping by. I have a link listed under my "Soul Food" heading, and it is really a great site to visit. So much inspiration, scrapbooking goodness, enlightenment...just to name a few! Since it is the beginning of a fresh new year, I have decided to embrace these challenges and make my own album of these one little words that I can somehow try to use and remember in my everyday life. It is definitly a very neat way to journal and document, as well as perhaps maybe get a person thinking about things they may not have otherwise...or much less would have paid any attention to. So, for the first one little word of the first week of January 2009...we were given the word "start". Of course, very fitting for this month, but really it is a word I find myself using day after day. Start this, start is really never ending! On this layout, I really envisioned my use of the word "start" as something to continuously remind me to start becoming more aware of my physical and spiritual health, as well as just wanting to increase my awareness of my world around me, and as always, my appreciation for all that is within my reach. This challenge has definitly got me thinking about alot of things, and of course starting new projects and plans. Always creating...or wanting to create, that would be me! Is it wrong that I think about that about 23.5 hours of the day?:) Like I stated in the layout above, "there ain't no better time than now for a fresh start!"

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