Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a random post about 5 things that I am loving, thinking, living, thanking and enjoying right now. 1.)Thinking... Tomorrow is Monday. Some people hate Monday's...and yes who would not love an extra day off, however I am thinking about how tomorrow is the start to another brand new week. It is up to me to either view it as either a positive or negative, and today I am making the choice to view it in a positive way. Let's make tomorrow be the start of a great day and a great week ahead. 2.)Thanking... How I enjoyed spending the weekend in the city with my family and husband. 3.)Loving...Online scrapbook shopping! How nice when you live in a small town to just be able to go online and purchase those hard to find items that one needs to begin a great new project! I am completely excited to begin an album for my honeymoon pictures. I have done some random layouts, but what I really would like to do is a unified, coordinated album from start to finish of our trip highlighting and documenting the most favorable moments we shared. I finally have a "plan" in store and I cannot wait for my new stuff to arrive so I can begin. I love when I have an action plan for stuff like this...makes it so much easier when tackling an overwhelming project. 4.)Living... Time to become more active! Both physically and mentally...time to just start moving and exercising. Time to start becoming more aware of how I am able to make myself feel better and healthier. 5.)Enjoying...of course those bad habits of TV. The mindless shows of "The Bachelor", "The City", "American Idol", "Grey's Anatomy"...definitly gives a gal something to look forward to after a long day's work! Wishing a fabulous week to all.

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