Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Latest "Scraps"

What to do on a night when I am by myself, nothing to do (well that's not really true...but who wants to do MORE housework??), it's almost time for bed so no sense in getting into any projects at this time...however that is usually when my creativity is flowing like mad (why???) lol. Anyway here are just some of the latest layouts I have done over the past couple of weeks. I have really been trying to just keep things simple, to the point, clutter free...and simply "me". I know that this really should not be hard to do, but sometimes it is. Sometimes I find I can just feel that things don't look right, feel right...just doesn't look like what I see in the magazines....then I just have to say STOP! This is my hobby, my passion...what I love to do. Most importantly, I am taking the time to jot down moments and memories that are special to me. That is really all that matters. Then...I slowly start to feel better!:) I also could not be more ready for the weekend. It has been a very hairy week at work and I am just so ready to remove myself and just take some time to refocus, re-energize and clear my mind and have some fun. Heading to Edmonton this weekend so it should be great! I am so looking forward to it...and some shopping too!


Anonymous said...


Talia said...

gorgeous layouts!!

Chelsea Ling said...

beautiful pages :)

Moments Photography said...

oooooo, I'm so glad to see a page of the mother/daughter session. That was so fun, and the start of me getting to know the beautiful person you are. I am grateful for that moment! The pages turned out fabulous, I can only imagine the beautiful scrap books in your house...

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