Sunday, May 1, 2011

welcome may.

Photobucket welcome may, i am happy you are here. it really does seem so surreal how we are already in the month of may. for the record, 2011 has really been going at warp speed. the days and months passing by so quickly that at times i feel like before i can even get a grasp and handle on the month that it is, is over. the next month quickly takes up it's place and so life goes on. the past few days have been very difficult to process. a family that i know lost one of their loved ones. at a very young age and in a very tragic way. it has been so surreal to even begin to understand how things like this happen. why. such a popular word and question for so many, yet at the same time so powerless and useless at a time of such sadness. no one knows why. this whole event has really had me thinking over the past few days about everything. about the present, about life, about dreams and hopes, about plans. about the fact that we are all here on borrowed time and when that time has to be given hard to comprehend. so as much as i look forward to a brand new month it is with such sadness and confusion in my heart. right now, more than ever i am thankful for many things. for LIFE, for breath, for extra time, the extra daylight with sunshine. for apples and fresh veggies, for cold water and my running shoes. for stretching and yoga, for journaling, for friendships.

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