Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why I Scrap

Lately I have been thinking alot about this hobby, or in my case, "passion" that I call scrapbooking. Why is it so important to me? To be perfectly honest, I think about creating pretty much all day, every day,about different ideas, topics, special photos and projects of mine that are all waiting to be created and documented. Today I had to attend a funeral for one of my bestfriends. Her grandfather passed away and it seems to be at these moments where my perspective comes full circle and I have my "a-ha" moment alongside the feeling of pure validation in that I truly know why I do and LOVE to do what I do. Scrapbooking to me is so much more than just paper and glue and cute little embellishments here and there. It is about perspective, about gratitude, about taking the time to embrace one's life in the "here and now". Of all the things that this passion of mine has brought into my life, the one that is probably hugest is the fact that it has made my perspective change...it has made me WANT LESS. In essence, scrapbooking has reflected my life back to me. It has shown me what I already have and all of the great memories and times that I have been able to experience. It has made me feel richer in more ways than one...without filling my wallet or bank account. It has made me want to be a better person, more aware of being in the moment of things, of appreciating small details...it has made me so much more aware of what it means to truly live with heart and intention. Scrapbooking to me has been my release, my strategy for dealing with negativity, my vital aid to reducing stressors I may be feeling at particular moments. Back to today's events, they had a display of all of the cherished photos they could find celebrating Mr. W's life. His hobbies, his children, his grandchildren, holidays and favorite moments were all there for everyone to see. Essentially it was a scrapbook on display documenting his existence. So cool. I love when I see people who unknowingly embrace this hobby that to me is so much more. It really is a wonderful way to cope and celebrate life, whether it be through good circumstances or the not so good. Photographs and memories are really all that we have left as time passes us by so quickly. Basically, scrapbooking is just so deep...so much more...so liberating. It is my passion. It is my love. It is what I do.

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Sarah said...

I totally agree. I have been trying hard to include more journalling. Sometimes I find it difficult to put feelings into words. It's important to include more than the "who & when".

I LOVE your blog header. So pretty! :)

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