Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caught by Surprise

As I arrived home from work today, I pulled my vehicle into the driveway, put it in park, shut the ignition off, looked up and caught my breath. The sky was so beautiful...a shade of bright pink, with shades of deep purple in between. The sight over top the snow covered trees was too beautiful for words. It really was a nice way to end the day. Of course I could not waste a great photo opportunity, so I had to capture a few shots. Among other surprises, it is miraculously going to warm up this weekend to ABOVE zero temperatures! Something we have not seen in SO long! Among other surprises, I just found out that Simple Scrapbooks magazine is stopping publication after they release the May/June issue. I am actually quite shocked and saddened. This of course in response to the very serious economic crisis in the USA. I really hope and pray that things start to look up for all those affected. It is really heartbreaking to think of how many people are facing serious issues and decisions in response to what is happening. Just another reminder, to stop and always be thankful for what we have. I always try to remember this as I groan loudly each morning when my alarm rings at 6am. At least I am lucky enough to have a job to go to everyday. To never take things for important to think about. On a much more positive note, tomorrow is Friday, have a busy weekend planned with my girl friends. Actually a good ol' fashioned sleepover to be exact. Cannot wait to just sit back, laugh and visit with my girls.


Sheri said...

What a beautiful photo, Lindsay! Breathtaking!
I really love snow pics:)

I was sad to hear about SS too!

Have fun at your sleepover... sounds like a blast!
I have to get ready for a crop tonight... woo hoo!

Have a great weekend!


Crystal said...

That is an awesome picture!!! Looks like it could be a beautiful Christmas Card!!

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