Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Official!

It's official! At one o' clock on Saturday, September 20, 2008 Matthew and I exchanged both rings and vows, and officially became the new Mr. & Mrs. Bateman! It seriously feels like a dream. I have so many things to do right now, and the last thing I should be doing is playing around on the computer. However, before we leave on our trip to Mexico, I felt it was very important to just jot down a few things about what has gone on this past week. It was the best day I could have ever imagined and thankfully there is really nothing I would change, nor do I have any regrets. It was absolutely perfect. And most importantly, everyone had such a fun time. Many great memories were made, and that is what it is all about. From the speeches, to the photos, to all of the people that were in attendance. It was so great. Nothing tops it. It is so amazing how so many wonderful people there are in this world, and overwhelming at how generous they are with it time, money, efforts in different ways, with their jobs...I could go on and on. The level of caring and compassion in everyone is completely overwhelming. Everyone worked so hard to make the day such a great success...and really with no expectation. So many people did so many things, just out of the simple goodness of their really was incredible. Thank you to everyone who made it such an amazing day. It was a total dream, everything and more than I could have ever imagined. It was truly the best day of our lives. We are on our way to Mexico now, for a nice relaxing break and opportunity to make even more amazing memories. The camera is ready, batteries are charged and ready to go! Talk to everyone when we get back! Adios!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's all About to Begin!

So...tomorrow is Thursday and the official set up for the big day begins! Time is already going by too fast. I never want this feeling to end. I am getting so is all really about to happen. Life is so awesome sometimes!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Busy Weekend!

This weekend is officially the last weekend before the big day. I wish I could say I had nothing to do but relax and enjoy this time off, but I would be highly mistaken. It is amazing how organized and complete I thought everything was, but then this comes up and that, and this should be needless to say I am not complete!! But maybe I shouldn't be. That perhaps just wouldn't be normal. In any case, I am enjoying and relishing these days as I am completing the programs, Matthew and I are trying to finish our speech, gather all my things I need for the wedding, checking off my to-do lists...I still am positive I am forgetting something!! Haha! It is such a beautiful fall day today, a huge reminder of why we picked the month of September for our wedding. The sun is so warm, and the multicolored trees just bathe in it. The colors are so rich, I think I will definitly need to go and snap a few pictures this afternoon. All in all, my motto for this weekend is just to savour it, get my list of things done, and maybe go go for a nice walk. Let's see if I can get it all done!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 Days!

Well, after almost a year and a half...the time has quickly come upon us and a wedding will soon be underway! It is amazing that when I look back from where I started to where I am much has happened, it is truly overwhelming in many ways. This weekend we had our stag and stagette. They were both huge successes and we cannot feel more gratitude towards everyone who was a part in making our days so much fun and filled with so many great memories. Nothing in this life is of greater importance to me than that. Celebrating relationships and milestones in life is what it is all about! I had so much fun at my stagette, it was such a wonderful time. I had finally seen some of my friends that I have not seen in so long. Like I had said before, our relationships are so unique in that months can pass by and then we talk and it is like we had spoken yesterday. I love my girlfriends. They are such beautiful people and can really brighten up any situation. Just their sheer presence makes it all better. I am also lucky to be gaining new cousins into my life. They are all such great girls and I am so lucky to have them becoming a part of my family. Thanks to everyone who made such a momentous time in my life even more memorable and special than I could have imagined. I can only anticipate how amazing and fun the wedding day will be! It's official...10 days and counting!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's to the Party!

Well, tomorrow night is officially the night of my last night to party it up as a single girl!!! I am so excited to see so many of my girls that I have not seen in a while and just go out and dance and laugh just like the good ol' days. It is so hard now sometimes because now that we are all in "adulthood" those carefree days of minimal responsibility are somewhat left a distant memory. I cannot even remember the last time we were all out at a bar dancing and having fun...maybe Hannan's stagette almost 4 years ago?? Everyone is in different towns, cities, with busy lives and jobs, we all seem to lose touch and barely see one another. But I guess that is the reality of growing up and apart...yet our friendships have always remained close. I know it is going to be so nice because even though so many of us have not seen each other in a while it will be like time hasn't even passed. My girls are so important to me and have been since elementary school and junior high. So for tomorrow night I wish nothing but lots of fun, laughter, and the opportunity to make nothing but even more great memories for us to all cherish and add to our collection.

Monday, September 1, 2008

10 Things I Love About Fall.....

One lone tree stands to the left of my house...and you cannot deny it...fall is knocking at the door. Actually I think it has already taken it's shoes off and has plans to stay for awhile! Happy September 01,2008 everyone! Fall is really my favorite time of the year. Even though I know that means we are one step closer to winter, I still cannot help but fall in love and embrace the changing leaves, the cooler evenings, the crisp air. I love it. Here are my 10 things I love about fall: 10. The changing leaves and all of the different colors they become. 9. Breaking out my cozy sweaters once again. 8. Fall baking...pies, crisps, it! 7. Going for walks in the cool autumn nights...while wearing mittons. 6. Time for scarve season again! 5. Picture taking! Nothing is more beautiful than the leaves, trees, and smiling faces. This is probably my favorite prime photo season of they year! 4. Afternoon tea...fall is the perfect time for a cup of herbal tea. 3. The deeper orange sunlight. There is just something different about the sunshine in the fall. I love how it casts such a beautiful glow over everything. 2. New shoes. Fall is the perfect time to invest in a new pair of shoes as we all wave sandal season a farewell. 1. That I will be getting married, and sealing September as an even more special month for me to treasure and embrace. Happy September!

Scrap Pages

Here is a collection of pages I have completed for my bridal shower album. I have slowly been working on this project piece by piece and slowly it has come together, and I am almost complete! This project and album came together so easily for me, which I think was in huge part by the noteworthy lines from making memories and of course, heidi swapp. Their lines are so fun and inspiring to use, and I just love all of their color combos. However, I apologize for the very poor quality pictures, as I had to use my camera in poor lighting with no flash!
I love this project because I did a page for each member in my bridal party, including my mom, and included journaling on their importance in my life. I thought it was a nice way to acknowledge and do a little tribute to each of my girls, whom I love to pieces and who have been there for me through thick and thin.

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