Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I love the connections that we share as beings in this world. When I look at my own life and reflect on the connections that I am so lucky to have, it is really amazing at how many people touch my life in so many different ways. The funny thing too is how many people have influenced my life in some way and do not even know they had! I love the energy I feel when I connect with someone. Whether it be through a good laugh, deep conversation, simple hello, email or letter it is a feeling like no other. It is that feeling of connecting, that sense of bond and understanding that for a split second someone may feel and be experiencing something similiar to yourself. They are understanding. Of all the connections that I am blessed to have in my world, nothing beats the unconditional love and connection I have for my dog. She is always the sunshine to my day and I just love the way her tail wags when I come home from work everyday! Here's to those connections in our lives...simple and sweet, complex and unique.

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Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I love reading your blog... it makes my day and sometimes my night (my usual blog time)! You are so inspirational!

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