Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Photobucket Wow, October...really? Has it been this long since I last posted. Crazy. Sometimes it seems that in life we are just so busy going through the motions that I just tend to lose track of time, at times. This would count as one of those times. So lately...what have I been up to? Well, between the obvious responsibilities of work and home I have been LOVING a few things right now full out. I am loving my new ROCKS. I don't know what I love more about it...the fact that it is so pretty, and powerful, and full of SO MUCH potential. OR that at one point it seemed unattainable, and now...I worked so hard and it is in my hands. It was only just a few short months back when I put it out there that my goal was to one day have this camera in my hands...and now I do. Goal setting can be so powerful sometimes. The whole notion of manifesting takes my breath away at how powerful it truly can be when we believe and LET it. So cool. Lately, another thing I am loving is Flow Yoga. It is just something that I have really begun to connect with and has become my favorite way to spend a Tuesday night. Breathing is powerful. It makes me feel powerful, refreshed, focused, and calm. It clears my mind and fills me up with such great energy. Something I so need at times, because often my mind is continuously racing with ideas non it is nice to just be in a place where I am able to "shut it off". Lately I have been able to reconnect with my scrapbooking space and projects. It truly is my sanctuary and I am working on some really beautiful albums. Still finishing up projects from creative escape, working on some new ones and dreaming up others. I LOVE it. Lately, just trying to stay in a good place. Taking my vitamins, drinking water, reading and walking. Lately it's been working for me.

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