Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Just taking a moment to be so thankful for some things on my mind. So thankful for hot baths, warm blankets and cozy slippers. Thankful for fresh fruit and sunshine. Thankful for favorite tv shows and phone calls. Thankful for friendship...it is truly the greatest gift. Thankful for creative minds, bodies, and souls. Thankful for really good books. Thankful for love, patience, and forgiveness. Thankful for scrapbooking (of course!) Thankful for this moment, thankful for today.


Talia said...

so nice to stop and be thankful!

Sarah said...

Lindsay, I love your blog & your super-positive outlook on life!! :)

Kim said...

It's always great to stop and remember the things that make life better! I love your thankful list!!

Moments Photography said...

You know i love everything about your blog... today is the header! Incredible. You should seriously consider doing design for others. It could all be done online. Seriously, your ideas amaze me. It really takes someone creative and you have it. So glad i stopped by!

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