Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Counting my blessings today.

Life is always changing. It is inevitable. Yet, change is what we as human beings tend to most fear. Is it the not knowing? The unexpected? The fear that one will be unable to deal? Or our dependance on routine? There are many possibilities and theories out there. I have just finished reading a book on this very topic. Change. What it means, and how our perceptions can easily lead us down different paths. I am not a fan of change. I will be honest. I am one of those who love routine. I love stability...I hate curve balls. Yet they continue to exist and the more adaptable I think I can become, or at least be "open" to becoming, the better off I feel I will be as time passes on and change comes closer and closer my way. There has been alot of change happening recently. It is all over this world, and today it had affected mine. Even though the direct impact of change for me was not as direct as it was for others, the ripple effect still ensued. It was not easy to be part of at all. But lately it has really been leading me to do some soul searching and in some way, facing this change and seeing it happen has also given me some courage and a path towards a more deeper understanding...all the while strengthening my faith even more. I truly do believe that change is for a reason. Even though our human nature tends to resist it, I believe it is there to challenge ourselves, to break us free, to keep our perception keen and aware, and our gratitude never diminishing. If anything, the change that I have been witnessing and experiencing has made me, now more than ever...want to count my blessings today! So thankful for my vehicle that gets me to work everyday. Thankful for my co-worker whom I love dearly and work so amazingly perfect with. Thankful for such a hardworking and devoted husband, a loveable dog who always makes me smile. Thankful for my parents who will always make talking and listening to me their number one priority. Thankful for creativity and the countless ways I can express it. Thankful for books and words that bring even more knowledge and understanding to my world. Thankful for springtime and extra sunshine. Thankful for paper and pens that allow me to document my thoughts. Thankful for so many blessings today.

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Kim said...

I hate change...I definitely love stability and it drives my hubby crazy. I always have to remind myself that sometimes change can be good.

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