Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was a great day. After being somewhat stuck in a rut for the past couple of weeks, today felt so nice. It was a day full of productivity and "busy-ness". Went for groceries, cleaned the house, did some baking, went for a walk, completed a bit of was a really great day. I am looking forward to this week. Work should be busy, and then on Friday and Saturday I am attending a spirituality course based on the power of thought and mind-and the relationship that has with our body and overall health. So excited for this. I also am going to have my first Reiki session on Tuesday. VERY excited and I am highly anticipating this. Should be great. There are lots of wonderful things to be looking forward to. Just simple things, but still so thankful to have those. I love how it does not have to be over the top, to be something that I anticipate. The simpler, the better. And of course, another photo of my pups today. Smiles to you all.:) "Without rain, nothing grows" ~Anonymous

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mandi said...

hey what course are you taking this weekend? where??? is your reiki session with dina? let me know how it goes, i would love to try it out

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