Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Times

So...after some time of craziness and change, and the unexpected of everything Matt and I decided to just get away for a day or two and head to the city. Of course, that may not count as a huge "getaway" but for us it was just what the doctor ordered.
We had the best time. Not only were we able to head in on Friday (and take the day off of work) we simply just enjoyed running around, enjoying every moment...not really doing anything, or having to be anywhere at a certain time. It was just plain and simple. We both loved that.
From our lunch at Kelsey's, to wandering around WEM, Matt so lovingly bringing me to various scrapbooking stores around the city (what a guy hey?) was a fabulous day. Oh and let me not forget our pig out session at Red Lobster. The 30 minute wait for our worth it.
This trip was such a reminder for me. How precious time is, how enjoying every moment of it is what counts. For appreciating the little things, and savoring it all. Great conversation and remembering to take the time to just let go, relax and laugh. The best medicine for the soul for sure. We had so much fun. Days like these reminded me of our times spent together while we were both in school and figured that life, right there in that moment, was about as hard as it could get for us. Well...let's just say that the saying "wisdom comes from age" definitly has truth to it. If only I had the worries I had when I was back in unversity!
It has been a stressful couple of weeks. But we are OK. And very thankful for a lot of things. Feeling blessed and conciously trying to never take time or certain life circumstances for granted. It is amazing how a lot of things have opened my eyes even more, and how lucky I feel to have such an amazing and supportive partner in all of it. Somehow with him by my side challenge and change do not seem as overwhelming and scary as they may have been to me years before. It is still unsettling, however I still feel this underlying calm. So lucky.
Also looking forward to a lot of things. The Heidi Swapp day in Edmonton (yay!), a couple of spirituality classes and courses that I will be taking. I absolutely love stuff like this and am really feeling optimistic. Reassurance is always a good thing.

Embracing the sweet and simple moments that matter today.

So thankful for the sunshine, blue sky, and warm breeze outside today.

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Crystal said...

Such a sweet post. I love your new blog header picture. So Cute!

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