Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up!

This weekend was a very busy, spontaneous, non-typical weekend...but it was great. It was busy in a good way and sometimes we all need that every once in a while. We celebrated Matthew's 25th birthday on Friday night with a family BBQ. His birthday is really on Wednesday, July 30th but with everyones busy schedules it was just much easier to have something on Friday. Here he is looking a little stunned by the camera, acting smart of course, and just dying to get his fingers into his ice-cream cake!
But on Sunday was the best part of all! He was out wakeboarding with one of his buddies in the morning and as I was vegging out at home, he surprised me by taking me to Edmonton for the we could go for dinner and a movie!! Now listen up people....that happens like NEVER, so OF COURSE I jumped at the chance!! Haha. We had a great time and a very busy Monday as we used our time in the city to do some running around for the wedding. We were actually very productive and found alot of things that we were needing and looking for. So it was great! Thanks babe for the definitly made my weekend! XOXO

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