Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Best Friend

Last night I had a really fun girls night. I met up with a few of my gal friends and we hit up "Sex & the City" at the good ol' Aurora Theatre in Lac La Biche. It was such a great movie and so nice to just hang out and watch a chick flick together.
Watching that movie just reminded me how lucky I am to have such awesome women in my life. My best friend Hannan and I have been through it all, but she is definitly one person who just "get's" me, and who I totally get. We share a level of comfort and closeness that words cannot even begin to explain. She is someone I know I can share anything and everything with...sometimes even no conversation is needed. I go back to the days when we had our apartments when we were going to school, and how we would just go over to each others place, plop on the couch and talk for hours. Or just going to the mall, or our countless hours spent on the phone. Life is so different now, different priorities, distances separating us...sometimes I wish I could just go back. But having her as a best friend also makes me look so forward to the future.
Anyway...just thought I would share.

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