Monday, July 21, 2008

Fields of Gold

On the weekend as I was driving along the highway I spotted these beautiful canola fields. Well, knowing me I could NOT pass up an amazing photo opportunity. I called up Mandi, my sister in law and her fiancee to join us for a little photo session. As you can all imagine, the guys were SO EXCITED by this.....umm...not quite! But we all got through it and the pictures turned out so great. The fields look unbelievable. Thanks guys for being so cooperative, and thanks Matthew for letting me capture another memory! You will thank me one day for caring so much!!:)


Jamie said...

Love those pictures!

jamie said...

that field is AMAZING!

Sarah said...

hey! it's nice to meet you in blogging land! you have some great scrapbook pages!! :)
Sarah W.

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