Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Photobucket Lately I have been inspired by so many things. I just love it. Frankly, being inspired is truly what keeps me going...keeps me energized. I was looking through some of my photo files on my computer and I came across this one. I love how one minute, a photo will just be a picture to you...and then another moment it will stand out to you so strongly that you can just feel the image and hear the story behind it. That is what this photo has become to me. I always had loved it, but I never really NOTICED it until just a few days ago...and how it totally inspires me. It inspires me for so many reasons...but mostly I think what inspires me most is that it represents to me the unbreakable bonds I share with so many amazing women in my life. Each one so different, with their own stories and journeys to experience...yet we are all the same. We are all connected and supporting each other in our journey's ahead. That to me....is truly inspiring. I am so lucky and I love each of these girls to pieces. They are all incredible. Other random things that are inspiring me lately have been the birds I hear singing at 5am. The smell of my shampoo in the morning, the fact that I do not have to wear socks with my shoes either these days...oh bless you spring! :) Music of course, photography blogs, vanilla body lotion, watermelon, my running shoes, magazines, journaling, my clean kitchen and right now...the way my house sounds at night. So peaceful, relaxing and oh so comforting. It truly is HOME. And I LOVE my home. I love how the most random things can be so inspiring. I love to feel energized, especially at times when a person can just feel so tired...and I am sure we all know how that feels. In a world that is in the midst of hardship and chaos right now, with all of the storms and bad weather and loss that is going on. I just feel so aware and blessed of all the things that are soooo good. So unfortunately underestimated and taken for granted at times, but oh so good.


class information... said...

You have yet again been my inspiration today...I always love to come and read your posts and how positive you are, or how you always find a way to see the good, thanks for sharing...I love that picture too, it speaks volumes of connections you have with your friends!

Yvonne said...

The last comment was from me, I was just signed into the store account.

Kim said...

So much inspiration...I just love it!! Beautiful wedding picture. I wish I had beautiful wedding pics like yours :)

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