Monday, October 12, 2009

Out My Front Door Today...

Photobucket So this is what had developed overnight, last night. To be honest, not exactly excited, ready, happy...etc. However, it DOES make for a beautiful picture. It is still way too early to be welcomed to this, and really the snow has stuck around since last Thursday. So, really snow, you have come and made your point. Seriously now, I have got my picture you are FREE to LEAVE. :) Warmer weather is hopefully on the way, fingers and toes are crossed! In other life stuff, just trying to get things slowly packed for the move. I actually got around to doing quite a bit this weekend. (Hmm...maybe another silver lining to the weather, did not really feel guilty about being inside and packing. It certainly was not the kind of days to want to be outside, that's for sure). Right now, trying to get my scrapbook room packed away. Eeek. It is so weird but I am really struggling with having it packed away for a bit. Maybe that is why I am procrastinating so much? However, with packing comes the lovely task of actually dealing with all the "stuff". How did things get so out of hand, how have I accumulated so many things? I just had to laugh at myself. When I had started scrapbooking, everything fit so nicely into a neat rubbermaid bin. Now, that solely houses just my ribbon. My, how things have escalated! Oh well, it is my hobby and makes me happy. Regardless of everything, I know it is going to be so worth it in the end. Going through my stuff these past few days also had me browsing through a few of my albums and older funny. Regardless of how they look, I am definitely so happy that I took the time to document some really great past moments. They are always there now, for me to go back to and enjoy and reflect on. See how we have all grown, changed, moved forward. To me, it is always so important to remember where you have come from. So, it being Thanksgiving this weekend, I am definitely wanting to take this moment and just say how incredibly grateful and thankful I am for all of the many memories and moments I have captured in the pages of my scrapbooks. So worth every minute and dollar spent.

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