Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Love

In the spirit of the month of February, which usually centers around all things "hearts & love" I thought I would jot down some random things I am LOVING right now. It is funny how some things change so quickly, where others my affection never falters. To love things makes me excited, blessed, grateful, and simply happy! These are 10 things I am loving right now. 10. My beautiful new earrings my husband surprised me with after work. He was so excited to give them to cute...however, his excitement and anticipation to give them to me meant more to me than the earrings itself! 9. My morning breakfasts. Nothing tastes better in the morning than fresh berries with yogurt and granola. A definite staple in my diet and probably the best way to start the day. Reminds me of summer time! 8. My magazines. A constant source of escape, inspiration and creative goodness. Probably my most favorite way to wind down the day and my indulging in a magazine or book, getting those creative juices flowing. 7. My camera. Without it I would be lost. 6. Being able to see and call my mom and dad whenever I want and or need to. So lucky in so many ways with this one. Definitly something to LOVE. 5. The song "Lost" by Coldplay. I never really was a fan of this band, but I am just LOVING this song right now. 4. My weekly walk dates with one of my good friends. Such a great way for us to catch up and refresh our minds, bodies and souls. I love our re-connection. 3. My cousins children. They are the sunshine in my life, the greatest kids in the world. I love them to bits. 2. My home. Everything about it I love. It may not be big, brand new, or fancy in any way. It may only have one bathroom, limited closet space and a creaky floor. But it is home, it is full of everything and more that we need. It is our place of comfort and safety, a place where we have and continue to create many memories together. I love it here. 1. My husband. He continually surprises me with his thoughtful and caring ways. I love how it is in the simplest mannerisms that his true character shines through. He does not need to buy me expensive things in order to show he cares. It is in the simple gestures and actions that truly touch my heart and capture my attention. I love the way he takes care of me. It is in these moments my heart is truly captivated. To love...what an amazing feeling.

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Kim said...

What a sweet 'love' list!! Hope you had a great Valentine's :)

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