Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Fun

Today was such a beautiful day. The weather has finally been tolerable, and the fresh air is just feeling so good! For the first time this it has not been -35 degrees, Matthew and I spent the later part of the afternoon outside with the sleds. I sure do not know the first thing about sledding, however it was fun just to play around and learn. We had just gotten a huge dump of fresh powder on Friday and Saturday of this week, so it was really quite deep and nice to ride. Plus, anytime for photos, count me in! It was nice to just spend some time together outside visiting, taking in the fresh air and just enjoying some time away from the usual craziness of work and life. Matthew showing off for me so I could get a few good shots of him. This one turned out to be one of my favorites. Matthew trying to be a photographer.
Me trying to be a photographer...and by NO means am I a professional in any way, shape, or form...but this above photo does take my breath away (even if he is wearing a ridiculous fur hat and is thinking he looks cool! haha).
I also spent some time this weekend working on my latest project. It is a scrapbook of our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have done a few layouts, but I really wanted to make a unified coordinated album really documenting our trip, and it's highlights, from start to finish. I am including a lot of journaling...really trying to focus on the story more than anything. I just want something that we can look back on, and that can really take us back. I really want to tell the story of it. Something that we can always go back to, that special time and place in our lives. In some ways it is a simpler project, in that I am not stressing over the layouts and embellishments and all the little things...but in a way it is almost more complex in that when you are wanting to tell a story, you want to tell it it is definitly taking more time than I had thought it would. In any case, I am just enjoying the process of putting it all together. I will be sharing some of my completed layouts soon!


Crystal said...

Those are great pics!!! I love the snow! We just don't get enough of it here! Two to three inches of snow for us will close about everything down around here =) !!!

Kim said...

Great pictures!! Cody LOVES his sled fun that you guys had great weather and some new snow to play in! Good luck with the projects. :)

Talia said...

looks like you guys had so much fun!

Kat said...

I truly love your blog and visit it often!! I think those people that are close to you, friends and family, are truly blessed to have such a positive and inspirational person like you in their lives! :)

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