Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So far, so good

So I finally began on my scrapbook of our honeymoon. Even though I have done some layouts already, and a mini album with some of these pictures, I still wanted to tell the story of our trip. To me, this is the best way. Something less elaborate, more simple, just basic and plain. Something that we can open and look at and escape back to that certain moment in time. It was so special, something that we will never experience again. Of course I look forward to creating many more amazing memories, however nothing is like what we experienced and shared with each other on our honeymoon. It was incredible. For this reason, I want to be focusing on more of the words and the sentiment and less on the decorative elements (even though I LOVE embellishments), I just wanted to try and keep this as simple as it could be and focus pure and simply on the story. Here is what I have done so far, and the best images I could take considering the lousy lighting in my room!
My title page. I found these chipboard flip flops months ago and immediately knew I would have the perfect place for them! They are from Riff Raff Designs...definitly one of my most favorite finds and I love how they accent the page perfectly.
My 2 page layout of the night before we left for the airport. Again, another 2 page layout. This one highlighting our first nights stay at the Hotelito in Puerto Vallarta, and the very unique and special experience we had in releasing baby turtles into the ocean. Very memorable for both of us, and I found very significant and symbolic. Just as the turtles were being set free for a "new beginning and new life" so was Matt and I. I love symbolism and the "deeper meaning" of things! Makes ordinary life SO much more interesting and completely emphasizes my belief that everything happens for a reason.
Close up look. One of my favorite moments I captured of Matthew. Just enjoying and savoring the moment. This is definitly one of my most treasured photos, I find it to be such a beautiful image. I wish I could go back to what I was feeling at this moment....the sounds of the waves crashing, the feel of the warm ocean breeze blowing and the sand beneath my feet and in between my toes. One of the worlds amazing marvels I tell ya.
And then there is me, completely embracing my moment here and taking it all in. Ever since we had got back from our Hawaii trip in 2005 I have dreamed of coming back to the ocean and savoring it even more than I had already had. This was my chance, my moment to just "be" and take it all in with no distraction...and to also run and behave and dance like I was 5 years old.
It was such a great moment.
Just the beginning of our very special story.


Sarah said...

Just gorgeous!What a wonderful way to document your honeymoon. I haven't touched our honeymoon pictures yet. I just don't know where to start. Thanks for giving me some inspiration!
I got some scrapbooking done recently. It feels great to create, huh?! :)

Talia said...

it looks fabulous, lindsay! awesome job!!

Kim said...

Great job!! You've been busy :)

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