Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Little Tree of Reminders

So, I made this simple tree. Something to sit on my kitchen table, to just "be", something that I could always catch a glimpse of now and then...to continuously remind myself of the real gifts in this life. It can seem really hard nowadays to keep a positive frame of mind when it seems at times this world is swirling in a down ward negative spiral. I just felt the need to try and make things feel better. I love being in a positive environment, and I love creating a home of comfort and positive energy. I crave these kind of reminders. So I gathered some twigs, ribbon, patterned paper and set to work. On the branches of my tree hang words such as "balance", "celebrate", "gratitude", "pray" etc. Believe it or not (it has been over a month since I have made this project), but I still read these little words everyday...whether it be while I am cleaning, cooking, or just sitting. I always catch myself reading them over and over...they really help me to become uplifted again, and inspired! “Simplicity means to be free of desires and attachments, and supremely happy within…It entails neither hardship nor deprivation, but the wisdom to work for and be content with what you truly need.” – Paramahansa Yogananda


Anonymous said...

I'm very fond of your posts. You have a good understanding of life and of couse a good attitude. Thanks. Very happy to read your new articles.

Anonymous said...

Love your tree idea! So insightful!

Talia said...

what an awesome idea! i love it!!

Kim said...

Great idea!!

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