Monday, February 16, 2009

Documenting Our Year

This is my February layout from my "Year in the Life" project I am doing of Matthew and my first year being married. I just wanted to have some sort of simple way to document the months of things we have done, gone through, etc. during our first year of marraige. I think it will definitly be something neat to look back on in 5, 10 15 years plus. Already, I look back to September and I cannot believe it has already been 5 months! Wow! I really like this project, in that, every month I look forward to completing a layout without feeling "I have" to do it, or get it done, because it all happens to often when we are all under some sort of pressure the creative desire seems to subside faster than we know. Reflecting back on the long weekend, it was nice and busy. On Saturday I did some things around home and then had a fondue dinner with my hubbies side of the family. It was really neat to do. Then on Sunday, we made wedding invitations for my sister in-law's wedding as she is getting married the beginning of July. Between all this I have been dealing with a nagging sore throat and beginnings of a head cold, so I have been trying to nurse that so it does not haunt me this week!

I happened to just stumble across this book yesterday in the grocery store, and I literally cannot put it down. You know how sometimes you think you choose things...however the more I read of this book, it is like the book somehow chose me. It is definitly some of the most inspiring words I have ever read, and I recommend it to anyone who is in the need of a little something to put your world back into perspective, and how change, trials and adversity are all here for very important reasons and with them come lessons for us all to learn from. It is a very empowering book and I cannot wait to see what else it has in store!

Definitly some amazing soul food happening here.


Sarah said...

I love that calender! You have great ideas!! :)

Kim said...

I love your calendar!!! Such a great idea for your first year of marriage. And the book sounds really good...I'll have to check it out :)

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