Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Lately it has been a struggle to find the joy in everyday. Not that there really is a reason for a struggle, it just happens to be that way. It is funny how every so often a person can hear a story, or talk to someone, or see someone who will inadvertently make you take a step back and completely re-evaluate a situation that may have been causing one grief, stress, or heartache. I think there is so much more meaning to chance meetings, and unplanned conversations. I really believe that everything that happens to us in a day is all meant to teach us something more. However, it is up to us to try and make meaning of it. Today that chance meeting for me was when I was just reading up on some blogs and I came across this quote that Heidi Swapp used for a class she was teaching. It was included in her project materials, and I just needed to read something like this today. "See things as you would have them be, instead of how they are" ~Robert Collier All of a sudden, when you read this and reflect, something better comes to light. Things may just not be that bad after all!

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