Monday, December 22, 2008

It's About Embracing the Spirit of the Season

Christmas is fastly approaching and so will be the hectic days of last minute running around, getting here and there, prepping, adding that last finishing I thought I would post my thoughts for the beginning of the season a tad early, in hopes of being a bit more organized (and perhaps starting my 2009 resolution a bit earlier??) In any case, I came across a verse that I thought perfectly summed up my thoughts and feelings on what Christmas and the entire season is really about. Not presents, not baking, not food, not music...basically a restoration and reflection on what is a gift for us-that we can give to our own our soul, our spirit, our humanity as a whole. This Christmas... end a quarrel. seek out a forgotten friend. dismiss suspicion...and replace it with trust. write a love letter. share some treasure. give a soft answer. encourage youth. manifest your loyalty in word and deed. keep a promise. find the time. forgo a grudge. forgive an enemy. listen. apologize if you are wrong. try to understand. flout envy. examine your demands on others. think first of someone else. appreciate. be kind; be gentle. laugh a little. laugh a little more. deserve confidence. take up arms against malice. deny complacency. express your gratitude. go to church. welcome a stranger. gladden the heart of a child. take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. speak your love. speak it again. speak it still once again. Have a wonderful holiday season everyone.


Talia said...

awesome quote, lindsey, thanks for sharing! i hope you have a wonderful christmas and new deserve it!!

Kim said...

Have a great Christmas...and such inspiration from that quote!

Moments Photography said...

Beautiful. So powerful and true! I wish you all the blessing Christmas has to offer, Merry Christmas!

xoxox Alli :o)

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