Thursday, November 13, 2008


So...I have been swamped with this...finally my thank you cards for the wedding arrived and lucky they have because I think it is honestly going to take me two weeks to thank all of the amazing guests we had attend our wedding! My goal is to have these done and mailed out before December 01...and I am pretty optimistic I will meet that goal, however I don't think I have done this much writing since my university days! It has been such a rewarding process though, and a wonderful trip down memory lane considering I still don't recollect about 95% of the day itself. It is still a blur, and something that at times really does make me sad. It is so nice to read all of the cards and everyones well wishes and sweet words of wisdom and praise.
On another note...last weekend I threw myself into creative mode and finished my December Daily album, as seen on Ali Edwards blog. I am so happy to have it ready and am eagerly awaiting December 01/2008 so I can start recording all of the big and little moments this December has to offer. I know I will be so thankful that I did this project and will be one of the greatest gifts I can give myself. Thank you Ali for some amazing inspiration once again!


Kim said...

Love your album...and can't wait to see more as you fill it up!

Moments Photography said...

OOOooOoo! I love your thank you cards! And your album is amazing!! ;o)

Sarah said...

your album works great! I am almost finished mine... :D

Sarah said...

I meant looks great! oops! :S

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