Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts & A Palm Tree

Since I woke up this morning to snow, and I am getting ready for bed as it is snowing...I figured it would be most fitting to put up this picture of a palm tree so it could take me back to some blue skies and sweet sunshine! How I long for the sun!!! This past week has been so dreary, grey and cloudy that I was forced to go and buy myself a light therapy lamp for my desk at work. The SADD symptoms are definitly trying to force thier way through and I am trying my best to fight back with all my might. Me and winter do not get along so much! However, looking at this picture does bring me back and truly makes me feel so happy. My mom and dad came over for supper tonight, and it was great to just have a spontaneous visit. Sometimes those are definitly the best visits to have. I am not really much of a planner, so when things just fall into place at times, I definitly do not mind. My dad is heading to California for a week on a golfing trip so it was nice to visit and bid him a fond farewell to sunshine and golf courses while we sit here under grey skies and snow covered ground! I am really looking forward to the weekend, and do not have much planned. A baby shower on Saturday and that is about it. Maybe I will be able to get some scrapping in here or there. We will see!

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Crystal said...

You have snow? Oh how lucky. It will be a long while yet before we see any snow this year here(Arkansas) Beautiful pic of the palm tree!!!

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