Friday, November 7, 2008

One of those days...

Have you ever just had "one of those days"? Well, today was my turn. Honestly, I do not know what was going on, but from the moment I stepped foot out my door and headed to work...I knew things were not going to go my way. There was nothing in particular that was wrong, it was just a day where I wasn't feeling "it" at all and really did not know how I was going to get through a full day at work having to feel the way I was. But then...things got better. My husband surprised me with flowers this afternoon and of course that sealed the deal for things to start heading on a better track. All of a sudden I just regained my focus and it was like "wake up girl! Let it go and just be happy and thankful". And it wasn't the flowers that did it, but just the sheer fact of being reminded that no matter what...there are always people out there that care for you, and need you, and are here to cheer you on. We all can have our days, but in reality...those days really are not that bad...especially when a person is surrounded by so many good "little" things in life. Thank you Matthew for reminding me of this, and making me more aware today of so many things. Reason #589 of why I love you and why I promise to be even more grateful and thankful for you in my life everyday.

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