Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Already!

Like everyone else...I find myself sitting here wondering where time has literally gone. Life can be such a whirlwind and just when you think you have it all under control and within grasp, you realize that it is the furthest thing within reach. For instance, the wedding and honeymoon are long gone, Matt and I have been married for over a month, it's insane!!! I guess that is why I always try to maintain a perspective and continuously remind myself to "treasure each and every day". This week has been busy, like usual, with work and everything else that follows. An added bonus on Monday (which by the way was a great way to kick off the week) was that my photographer finally got in touch with me and gave me access to our online gallery. He did an amazing job, and I am so pleased with my pictures. It is a total representation of how our day unfolded. What I find really neat is that in some pictures, I can remember exactly how I was feeling at that moment when he was taking it. Other pictures, on the other hand I do not even remember him taking! How insane is that! In any case...thank god for photos! Today was neat in that I met up with Cindy and the girls to do a spontaneous photo session after work. It was so much fun and the pictures that I was able to capture are really some of my best. I cannot wait to see and hear Cindy's reactions. But with kids that cute it really is somewhat of a sure thing anyway. Last but not least, on my mind is that I really need to start finding some balance and putting some plans into action. I have been finding myself a little under motivated lately, which I hate, and I really need to jump start some things. Even with my scrapbooking I have been feeling a lull and am just waiting for some inspiration to slap me in the face! I know it will come (probably when I have NO time of course) but nevertheless I am patiently waiting. Let's just say right about now I definitly have my hands full with projects just waiting to get started. I have never been bombarded with so many pictures as I am right now. Maybe that is part of the problem! In any case, I think I will just start small and wait to see what happens!

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Kim said...

I feel the same way with lack of inspiration!! I love the photo of the 2 of you and so fun that you got to look through all your wedding pictures! How fun.

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