Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girl Time & Perogies!

Reflecting on this past weekend, it was one of those times where I was time-machined back to high school...or maybe even closer to college days! And sometimes, that is really nice when it happens. Hannan came and spent the night with me and it was so nice to have some quality time together with no distraction. The weather was pretty lousy as well so it forced us to just be content and sit inside gabbing and visiting endlessly. We played around on photoshop (she so graciously taught me so photo tricks!), ordered pizza, went and bought chips and ice cream and watched movies until the wee hours. One memorable moment would have had to have been around 7:30 that night, the power went off (due to the massive wind storm) so we were forced to sit around in candlelight for about an hour where we peeled potatoes for our big batch of perogies we were planning to spend Sunday making! At least it was an effective way to kill time!

On Sunday, we made about 800 perogies from scratch that ended up turning out so delicious! For our first time ever doing the whole entire process by ourselves (dough and all) we were quite proud, and needless to say very tired by the end of the day. But it was all worth it. And on another note...I think...I just may have found my scrap mojo again! On Saturday I spent some time scrapbooking and completed a few layouts! However we will seeif it keeps up as I have been struggling with my creativity lately but it just might be finding it's way back to me. I am optimistic! It's funny how creativity and the desire to be creative flows in waves and mine has been definitly at a standstill for awhile. However, of course Ali Edwards is always a huge help, and her blog is so full of fun and meaningful projects. Currently she is posting about a 25 days of Christmas album that is to be completed and ready for documenting the holiday season! I think I may just attempt this one! I am just going to try to stay on this creativity wave flowing my way! We will see how it all goes!

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Kim said...

Oh wow!! Great job on the perogies (sp?). They look soooo yummy!! And I was looking at doing Ali's album too. You'll have to motivate me if I decide to do it :)

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