Sunday, November 28, 2010

My New Love.

Photobucket So this is my new love. Like I need ANOTHER hobby, I know. However, I am truly addicted to making these fabric flowers and flower bib necklaces. Who knew a little bit of fabric, hot glue, with a touch of bling could be so fun and addicting! Some of these techniques I had learned back this August at Creative Escape, and others I have just had fun playing and experimenting. Photobucket In other news, I am still finding it so hard to believe that it is almost December 2010. Where has the year gone. It seems just like minutes ago when it was January and I was in anticipation for the new year, what was to come and what I had envisioned. This year was definitely 'different' in ways that I have yet to try to understand. It was still a year full of many blessings, but it was just somehow 'different'. Or maybe I was just in a strange place. I know I did a lot of personal learning and growth this year, and maybe that is where I am still trying to come to terms and understand some things, but it just seemed odd to me. Now...for 2011...where to begin, where to start...what to foresee. Hmmm....maybe I will just focus on tomorrow for now. That seems like a good idea! I am definitely feeling so grateful and blessed these days. Blessed and thankful for my home, a healthy family, for food in my fridge, for the change to curl up with a good book every now and then, for hot tea, for cozy blankets, for hot baths, vanilla shower gel and good magazines. Grateful for the constant inspiration life brings me daily. After a week of having the flu...GRATEFUL for finally feeling normal and on my way again. Looking forward to a positive week ahead! Photobucket

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Alicia Welke said...

I love your flowers they are stunning!! I wish I could find some time to scrapbook even if it was a few minutes to make flowers!

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