Sunday, December 12, 2010


Photobucket "Peace is not something you wish for; it is something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away" - Robert Fulghum Right now, at this very moment I am so grateful to feel PEACE. I came across this quote and I just fell in love with it and something I believe with all of my heart. Peace in our lives is cultivated by us, by the way we choose to feel think believe and live our lives. How we choose to interpret and perceive a situation. This all contributes to our experiences and feelings of peace. I am just feeling SO grateful for so many things. I am finding PEACE in the simple things and moments. Especially today. I had such a wonderful weekend filled with so much joy and conversation and love and all that good stuff! It was amazing and I am so grateful for that. I felt peace today when I was looking out the window watching the snow fall so lightly outside. I was cozy on the couch, with a warm blanket...a fire lit beside me in the wood stove. That was such an amazing moment of peace for me today. So awesome! I felt peace when I was washing my beautiful new fleece bedding Matt and I received as a gift. A total piece of heaven on earth. I LOVE the little things, the simple joys, the little treasures...and I LOVE that I notice them and take the time to recognize them and not let them pass me by. It makes me feel so fulfilled and full of power and energy. I am so ready for a full and busy week ahead! Christmas is quickly approaching...along with a new year. This makes me really excited! I have done a lot of thinking, hoping, wondering and praying as to what I would love this year ahead to be. It is also time to start thinking about my word for 2011. I have a few in mind, but not one that I am fully committed to just yet. In any case, I am so looking forward to the next few weeks as they are going to be so FULL of blessings, family, fun and PEACE. My wish for everyone out there is that they are able to be open to take a moment within their busy lives to think about and feel what brings them Peace. Fill your soul. Fill your heart. It truly is such a wonderful feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring!! And so true.
Thinking about you today....

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