Monday, November 1, 2010

what i do.

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos obsessed about creating, that is truly where my mind and heart has been for the last few weeks. it's been awesome, and i was even able to get some projects done! i truly could not imagine my life without creativity. it fuels everything else i do in a is my source of energy, inspiration and drive. i cannot get enough. i have been thinking alot about fitting in, and where i feel that i do fit in. that one place i know is when i am in the creative zone, surrounded by other creative people who see the world the way i do. sometimes it can feel so isolating, in that others sometimes just do not get or understand the passion. but i guess that is ok. the ones that do understand make up for those that don't. ultimately it is about being happy, fulfilled from the inside out, and that is what creativity and living creatively does for me. it is a brand new month too....have a few things that i want to be working on, and am excited about getting into the holiday spirit and enjoying what is to come. even trying to get excited about snowfalls and cold weather...attitude is everything right?? i am really excited to just enjoy and be present in the holiday season...enjoy some baking, hot chocolate, photos, the buzz in the air. i am even trying to look forward to the shopping, which is not my favorite part of the season at all, but will try to keep it all in balance and not let that superficial part of the holiday season take away from the real magic of it all. so, looking forward to many things in the next coming weeks! also looking forward to Rhonna's 21 day challenge...hop to her blog to find out more. sounds amazing and her inspiration is enough to fill anyone's soul! i met her at creative escape and she is the cutest little thing, with the biggest spirit ever! so looking forward to her challenge and focusing my mental energy and becoming stronger, better and more present than ever! here is to a great month ahead!

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