Saturday, November 13, 2010

life update.

Photobucket Photobucket where has time been going? it seems like blogging has gone on the back burner for me, and that is something i really do not like. especially since i feel it is so important to document life's details as time goes by way too fast and things seem to be changing at such a rapid rate. so let's see if i can get on here more often! i used to blog so regularly and now...not sure what it is. sometimes though, a person just needs a moment to step back and regroup, and maybe that is where i am at. who knows. or maybe i am just not in a place where i am ready. i am finding it so hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us, and i remember so vividly the place i was at last year, this same how things can change so quick. just when you think you are in the right place, on the right road...and then....change. this past year was definitely that for me. it was about taking risks and chances and learning that sometimes they don't always pay off. always a learning experience, but i just wish at times i did not feel like i had wasted a whole year in conflict and being unhappy. i always try to cherish each and every day...and there were a lot of days this past year where i was just simply swept up in confusion, sadness, depression, was hard. but things worked out ok in the end and more choices had to be made to get back to a place where i feel content, happy, balanced... a place that is ME. this past little while i have spent some time working and creating my creative escape 2010 scrapbook album. i am almost finished, just a few more details to include but i just LOVE how it has turned out. i used the beautiful parisian anthology portfolio binder, as well as papers, accents etc. to create my book. it was so much fun to work on it and relive all of the wonderful and amazing moments and memories that i had experienced there. that was probably one of my "healing" moments...after having such an unsettled year, being at CE was just what i needed to restore a lot of the faith and strength that i had lost and was struggling with getting back into my life. for that reason and so many others, this album will always be one of those books that tells such an amazing story and every time i will look and read it will always serve to heal my heart and inspire my soul. Photobucket

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