Sunday, January 31, 2010


Photobucket So, I had stumbled across the neatest website last month. It is called Weekly Gratitude. For the month of February the theme is 'soul'. It got me thinking. What I need for my soul. I need love, friendship, laughter, photographs & photography, magazines, feel good books, MUSIC, candles, anything vanilla, comfy slippers... How do I take time to replenish my soul? Quiet time, journaling, hot bubble baths, a deep conversation, scrapbooking, visiting my favorite blogs, taking a drive, going for a walk, reiki, breathing... How do you replenish and restore your soul?


Talia said...

how awesome...i will take a look at that website right can be hard to find time when life is so busy to take care of ourselves...thanks for the reminder.

Susan said...

Hi! I just created a blog, too, and I was going through the blogs...and found your beautiful photo of the flower. I had to tell you, it's beautiful! My blog is, I don't know if I published it right, but I hope I did.. nice photos! Susan

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