Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrate the True Meaning

Photobucket This year, I have thought a lot about Christmas and what it means to me. Amidst all of the distraction it sadly appears that somewhere along the way, the real meaning can become very vague and lost among the constant pressure, materialization and stressors that seem to always find their way into everyones path this time of year. This year, I have realized a lot about the fragility of time, of life, of everything. Truly, Christmas is a very special time. However, Christmas should not be the only time of year reserved for reaching out to others, making others feel appreciated, loved and celebrated. This should be part of everyday, because it is never known when that day will be our last. A girl whom I grew up with since kindergarten tragically passed away on Monday, December 14th, 2009. She leaves behind a husband, two very young children, as well as her parents, siblings, and many other family members. It is so extremely hard to put this sudden loss into any type of understanding, really. Tonight was her prayer service and probably one of the most difficult ones I have ever attended, for many many reasons. It just really got me thinking. So this year, Christmas is definitely a time for me to celebrate all of the love and connection that surrounds my world. Sure, it is about presents too...but not the kind you buy and wrap. Now, it is going to be about being "present", being there for others, making everyone know how much they mean to me and my life and how grateful I am to be a part of theirs. How I look forward to celebrating a new year consciously aware of these connections. Above all, take the time to tell those how much they mean to you. I can almost guarantee that is going to be one of THE greatest and most memorable gifts they will ever remember recieving. The time to BE and CELEBRATE is NOW. Not on a certain day, set aside that we will aspire to. It is NOW and HERE. Wishing everyone a very happy and memorable holiday season. xo


Anonymous said...

It's so true Linds....
very sad to hear about such a loss. It'll be extra special spending time with everyone over Christmas break. Miss you and see you very soon,

Memories For Life Photography said...

I'm so sorry Lindsay about your friend! That is very tragic! You are such an amazing person, so filled with love and such knowledge of life and what is really important! Thanks for reminding us all, as we tend to sometimes forget what really is important in life! Merry christmas and ALL the best of LOVE and HAPPINESS in 2010!!!!! Hope your holidays are filled with JOY and congratulations on your new home and first christmas in your new home!

Sheri said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, Lindsay. How horrible!

Thanks for reminding me about being "present"... I needed it!

I love the photo of you and your husband and I'm wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New year! Enjoy this "first" Christmas in your new home!


Kim said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!! Sorry to hear about your friend. It's always important to remember what's really important. :)

Hannan said...

Hi Lindsay!

Just wanted to say that you look great in that red scarf...WHO MADE IT FOR YOU???? Ha Ha
I love the pictures you posted previously of Hurley in the house. Very special. Love Ya

Yvonne said...

Your words are so true, this year we lost my sweet sister in law very suddenly with no warning anything was wrong. She not only left her three boys and her husband but a family who adored her. She was our glue and will remain that way in memory. I miss her so much and am so thankful that we talked on the phone so much and never hung up without saying I love you. I will be praying for her family and sending you hugs. Hope you have a blessed Christmas.

Alli said...

I got such a tingling down my spine reading this post Linds. Truly my heart is breaking for the family and all those whose lives she touched. I pray for the comfort and peace for those affected by this tragedy. Your words are memorable...
May we all remember just how short life really is and to embrace it fully and NEVER forget to make it known to all those you love, just how much you appreciate and love them.
Merry Christmas. Can't wait to get together...

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