Friday, June 26, 2009

Then to Wow!

So it was a crazy week of home renovation. Our kitchen was going to be granted with new cupboards...and now looking back at this "before" photo, thank goodness! Really, these were the cupboards that we were used to, and that was completely fine. I figured, least I have cupboards! We always made do and that was just great. However, now that all of the work has been completed, and the new cupboards are in...we could not be more thrilled! It is amazing how something like cupboards can make you feel so great, blessed, and almost to the point of feeling like now we have a brand new home! The beautiful "before" shot: The amazing "after" shot.
I cannot get over how massively it has changed our kitchen. They turned out beautiful. We are so lucky and now looking back, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate real drawers and room for my pots and pans! I actually know what I have in here now and don't have to just grab from the top and slam the door shut!!
I also had to paint because the new cupboards did not match up with the old ones. At first I was a little apprehensive about the color I chose, however now I am absolutely loving it. Such a warm tone, it makes the kitchen feel so cozy. The finishing touch will be our new fridge, which is arriving on Monday.
A big thank you to everyone involved.
We are so happy and excited.


Anna Havanka said...

Oh my goodness Lindsay! I saw Mandi say something about paint, so I had to check this out. WHAT a transformation!!! Your cupboards look AMAZING!!!! I love everything about your kitchen... what a difference it made! I'm an orange type of girl, so that is a great pick! So, what did you do to that corner beside the fridge? It was always kind of awkward over there.

Anyway, that just looks fab, congrats!

Sarah said...

Your kitchen looks just great!!

I can't wait until we do ours- maybe next year!

Dionne said...

What a massive transformation! It looks amazing! Well done!

saleme said...

love it!!! it looks like you, very warm and inviting-the kitchen is the heart of the home, you'll create alot of memories there!!

Yvonne said...

Wow, that is a huge transformation. Looks so good and I love the color. What color is that??? It really pops against the white. Amazing difference.

Crystal said...

That is Amazing!!! I love it!!!! I would just sit for hours admiring it I think. Love the paint color you chose also.....Perfect!

Kim said...

Wow!! It looks beautiful!! And I love the color you chose. Great job!!!

Sheri Colautti said...

Wow... the kitchen looks amazing and I love the wall color! Great job!

The Theroux's said...

Just checked out your bew kitchen photos. Wow is all I can say!!

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