Saturday, June 13, 2009

Signs of Summer

What a beautiful day today was. Actually it all started with yesterday and has so graciously carried on. Not only has the weather begun to significantly improve, we've also had brand new additions to our families. Two of the sweetest, most beautiful little baby boy's entered the world this past week. We are so excited. Welcome baby Eli and baby Zander!:) Today Matt and I enjoyed a Saturday, with NOTHING to do. Well, not exactly nothing, however we could just enjoy and do whatever our hearts desired today. After having stuff going on the past 4 weekends in a row, and with an even busier set of weekends ahead, we cherished this time to enjoy one another and spend the day just having some fun. It also did not hurt that this has been one of the nicest weekends on record so far. Therefore, it was time to fire up the ol' boat and head out on the water. Of course it is still much to chilly for me to even THINK about jumping in that lake, but I loved watching the guys ride as well as working on my tan with a good book in hand. It is so relaxing being outside. I just loved this afternoon.
Matthew trying to sport Kevin's "trendy" shades.
Enjoying the breeze. Matthew's action shot of him landing his 360. He is an amazing wakeboarder and can get the most ridiculous height on his jumps. He has such an awesome vertical.
A definite sign of summer. The boat all ready to head to the lake for some riding! Hurley enjoying the sunshine, warm temperatures, and the cool grass beneath her.
Plants on the deck. My most favorite sign of summer I think. I still have not even attempted to do my flower pots in the front yard this year. However, it still is on my "to-do" list. Maybe some time this week. In any case, my lilies are starting to come up and I cannot wait until they bloom. Each year they just get more beautiful I think.
My little family. Sitting on the deck, enjoying a BBQ, and just savoring it all.
Welcome summer, you have finally arrived!
And we are lovin' it.

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