Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

Well, as quickly as the weekend began it is now over and tomorrow is Monday! This weekend was great, as I was able to get some things done on Friday and then on Saturday we had went into the city for my aunt's 70th birthday. My cousin had made her a party, fully catered and with all of the trimmings. It was so beautiful outside that everyone just mingled and visited in her back yard. It was beautiful and a really great time. All of the little ones had a great time playing with each other too. However, one of my little cousins had an unfortunate accident which led her to the emergency room last night only to end up having surgery on her arm today. She will be fine, but she needed to have repairs made to the bones in her elbow. We drove home last night and I spent the day baking and cleaning. Matthew is on his way down to Estevan to work for 10 days so I made him some cookies to take along. Then tonight we are going to finish the weekend off by spending some quality time watching a movie together. Just a simple ending to a simple, yet very enjoyable weekend. Let's hope tomorrow is a start to a great week!

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