Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

This is one of my last blooming flowers of the how did summer pass by so quick? It is crazy to think that we are now in the season of changing leaves, winter, Christmas...a new year...gosh it seems like yesterday we were all ringing in 2008 and now it's almost 2009. In any case, I am reframing the situation in that I am really looking forward to tomorrow and the weeks that follow. In those weeks, I will also be getting married, which needless to say is a big change in my tomorrow, but one that I am throughly prepared for and highly anticipating! Today was a half day at work, so I was able to come home, catch up on some sleep since the last two nights have not been the best (plus I am somewhat battling a head cold which does not make night time rest any easier), and do some tyding up. Tomorrow I am off to the city with Hannan to do some last minute shopping for the wedding and honeymoon, as well as just spend some much needed girltime together. Literally, we have only been planning to head to the city together for the past 8 months, so it is finally a reality! The only downer is that I will not be able to sleep in on my Saturday (my most important priority on the weekend!hehe). I am really looking forward to tomorrow!


The Theroux's said...

ok.... finally caught up on checking out your blog! Hope you have a great time in Edmonton with Hannan! We're hoping to go visit them at their new place before Fester takes off for work! And I just LOVE the photo with the lake and the birds,, with mom and 2 kids! WOW!!! There's many other great ones, but that one was awesome!

Gotta run... having a garage sale today...

Anonymous said...

That is a great flower shot.... love the color!
What camera/lens did you shoot with?

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