Sunday, April 24, 2011


Photobucket oh i how loved this weekend. the pace, the sunshine, the birds outside, the meals. it was so good. i loved how it was full of spontaneous unplanned things. the conversations, the visits, the mood. it was a beautiful weekend and it makes me feel like spring is on it's way (finally!). today i even had a late afternoon nap, which was truly such a treat. Photobucket this weekend was full of so much goodness and gratitude. for the people in my life, the connections we share and the moments that we create together. it just is, and i love that. it is sometimes so easy to forget all that we have in such a fast paced materialistic world that influences in sometimes not the best ways. with so many distractions i often feel that it is a constant struggle to maintain focus and attention on the things i know matter. they can often get blurred in the dust and shadow of everything else. but i will continue to persevere and push forward and turn away the negative forces and influences that try to make their way towards me. life is full of little moments everyday that are just simply awesome. as the last week of april approaches i am excited for it. it is going to be a great busy week ahead.

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I am just a simple girl with an absolute passion for life. I love celebrating this passion through my photography, scrapbooking, relationships...whatever it may be that makes me happy! I just want to live everyday with meaning and purpose and a great sense of gratitude for everything I have been blessed to have and experience!