Sunday, April 17, 2011

picture on my wall.

Photobucket i received this photo as a gift from my best friends years ago. a photo of new york. looking back it is funny how things work out and you do not even realize it at the moment. back then i guess i would have labeled myself as intuitive. but maybe, not really aware that i was? in any case, i have just always been so fascinated with visiting this city one day. this picture has been displayed on my wall since 2002 and i look at it everyday. it is also a very significant picture for me because not only was it bought for me for my birthday by my best friends, but it was bought at a time in my life when i was going through a very difficult time (or so i thought) in my life. since then i have always thought, "one day...i will be there". kind of that bucket list deal. well, low and behold 9 years later on my birthday i receive the most amazing and spectacular words-cannot-even-express-moment from my husband...a trip to new york! right now at this very moment i am just trying to process the whole thing. it is really coming true for me! i am such a believer now in intuition, and on cultivating and manifesting your life, but did i know much about that 9 years ago? not really...maybe i was just not conscious of it but it was happening all along? such a mystery to me...but so sweet all at the same time. i guess on of the most beautiful parts of this whole moment for me is witnessing the connection and unfolding of being married to someone who helps me achieve my dreams. someone who cares about my heart, and my goals, and my thoughts, and my hopes. my "one day i will..." kind of thing. and i guess the best part is that it is not even the big deals where i am bearing witness to this sort of thing. it is the everyday unnoticed moments that also serve to make my dreams come true. the whole package. it takes my breath away and makes me so grateful to have found such a beautiful person to share my life with. of course it is real life, and we all know how UN-glamorous it can be...but i guess the beauty and mystery of this world lies in finding those hidden moments and really looking beyond to find those sparkling times. i am so excited for this upcoming trip. to see, and be, and do all that i have dreamed of and looked forward to. i just cannot wait to stand in central park...look to my left, look to my right, look down at my feet planted firmly on the ground and say to myself, "i am here".


Anonymous said...

YES!!! I love this post. LOVE it. and good job there M! :)

Kara said...

Hooray! For you! I am so happy for you!

Alli said...

YAY!! Your husband is AWESOME!!!! Although you know that already... ;o)

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