Friday, April 8, 2011

awake and here.

Photobucket wow. so is already almost mid april. seriously, i know i say it all the time but WHERE oh where has it gone? this is crazy. i guess i know where it has gone. between life and work and all the oh so good extra, that is just the way it goes. feeling pretty excited for spring, the extra sunlight, the spring run off...birds singing in the morning. so awesome. also getting ready for some busy weekends ahead. my 29th birthday (eeek!) is just one week away...gosh. seriously? i honestly can close my eyes and remember what i thought when i was 15 at this very moment. the thought of being 29 seemed sooooo far away. i would always sit back, wonder and imagine what my life would be like at that age. what the world would be like. and now...was it what i thought it was going to be? am i where i should be? life for the most part is pretty awesome. i am feeling probably the strongest i have been. both mentally and emotionally. after having a somewhat rougher year last year it is so refreshing and such a blessing to be where i am right now. for that i am truly grateful. i am so happy too that i have been really sticking with my new years promises in maintaining, sustaining and working hard to strengthening myself with exercise, proper eating, mindful living and practicing daily gratitude. so far, so good. and i truly do feel so much better for it. there are so many great things to be looking forward to this year that i have to keep inspired, stay strong and focused. there have been so many things on my mind that i could sit and type for hours. but it is late. it was a long week and my bed is calling my name. excited for an awesome saturday tomorrow!


Yvonne said...

I think there is something about Spring that makes us so excited and hopeful! Probably because there's more sunlight time and the air just seems exciting. It leaves us giddy with anticipation of what's to come! Good for you for keeping up with your goals! :)

sandalloons40 said...

wow, what a great blog.It was so nice eto see you and your friend like always. Such a God's gift to life too! I was on blogspot then type pad and now back to blog spot. I have to really catch up but at 47, I am trying to learn how to put more icons and stuff on my blog to make it fun and happier.

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