Tuesday, January 25, 2011

embrace. {my one little word}

Photobucket since it is almost the end of january, i was just going to touch base with my one little word project. this year, i chose the word embrace and i think it is the perfect word for this year. so far, there have been numerous things to happen and i have really been trying to comprehend and understand them all. i have found that by changing the way i think about them, to embrace them, has really enabled me to the beginning level of acceptance and hopefully true understanding. this project is really wonderful and i am looking forward to having a completed journal by the end of 2011 reflecting and documenting all that i have consciously 'embraced' within my year. i chose the word embrace because i really believe that acceptance and embracing situations for what they are are vital steps to achieving inner peace. i may not always understand a situation fully, but if i can work to embracing it for what it is and look beneath and realize that i can embrace and accept it...then maybe it will work to bring about more peace within, rather than anxiety. Photobucket i have also been working to embrace my 'creative' drive and have been slowly working on some layouts of events last year for my album. this layout is documenting the trip matt and i took in september. looking back for some reason this trip seems so far away so i am thankful that i have these memories in a safe place where i can go back and relive such a special time. i am also loving using a bunch of photos on a layout...i am really loving the collage style. i think it is a great way to tell a story, capture a bunch of photos on one page, and i just think it looks cute! i am looking forward to embracing next month, completing the next part of our project and seeing what is in store. i really love the whole 'one little word' concept and encourage anyone and everyone to try it. of course you do not have to do it as a scrapbook type album or project, but it is a neat way to hang on and work towards bringing something positive into your life. something to focus on and work towards. i always think how amazing it is how the things you focus and concentrate on in your life are brought back to you in various ways. just a thought! Photobucket


Yvonne said...

Lindsay...I absolutely love visiting your blog...you have such a gift with words. I might not know you in person, but I know that you are a light here on earth and that you spread that light. Thanks for sharing. And the necklace you made is GORGEOUS! such a sweet gift!

Alli said...

You've done it again and again... your continous inspiration, your incredible outlook and positive influences. I wanted to share my word with you after our discussion on the trip back from Edmonton in December. Simplify. It's a hard one for me, but truly needed in my life! Thanks for the awareness... thank you for you!!

Yvonne said...

I am so glad I read this tonight. I loved it!

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