Saturday, January 1, 2011


Photobucket Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010. Wow...a year that I remember just beginning like it was yesterday is truly now behind us. I am so looking forward to a FRESH start, a FRESH year, with FRESH possibilities and a clean slate ahead. I believe it is going to be such a great year and am looking forward to it all! Like a wonderful quote I found stated, "an ending does not have to be sad. It is the only way to begin something NEW" very true. I feel that there will be new things on the horizon for me this year and I am truly going to embrace every moment, chance, and opportunity to enjoy life and all of it's crazy ups and downs. We celebrated the new year by attending a family friends wedding. It was a very unique way to ring in the new year and quite inspiring to be there to watch two people join in a new life together hours before a new year was to be welcomed. It was truly beautiful! I think it is time to BEGIN!

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