Thursday, September 30, 2010


Photobucket Has it really been this long since I have blogged? Time has truly gotten away from me this time. I truly have been really busy...but it has been so good, so fulfilling, so heartwarming...that I feel so blessed to be able to be enjoying this time, right now to fill me up with everything that energizes me in such a positive way. I used to have bouts where I would feel so tired, I would walk around with such heavy shoulders and a heavy head...and now, I honestly feel like the energizer bunny...I could just go-go-go! Do you ever go through life and have a feeling that you just want to hang out to with all your might so that it will never ever slip through your fingers? Well...if you have, then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Right now, that is how I am feeling. I pray that I can hang on to this feeling for a VERY long time. I have been spending time immersing myself in things that I LOVE. I have come to the realization that it is the things that a person loves, that fills you up with POWER. I had spent the past weekend in Edmonton and had quickly grabbed a copy of the new Oprah magazine to read before bed. I usually do not buy Oprah magazine, as I was looking for a different one instead, but the headline on the cover totally caught my eye. It read "Own Your Power". Now, being in this space that I have been so blessed to be in for the past little bit I just had to check it out and see what it was all about. Let me just say that it is an amazing article and is filled with a variety of creators, artists and designers insights and personal thoughts on what power means to them. I just LOVED reading it and was left completely inspired by it. I started thinking about what the topic meant to me and different things that I believe in and have struggled with. Each individual was given 3 prompts to finish off and it led me to thinking about what each of these prompts meant to me and in how they apply to my life, my thinking, my passions... PEOPLE OFTEN UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER creatively. When I began to open my heart and mind to truly celebrating, documenting, and capturing all of the little wonders that fascinate me through photography and scrapbooking it has truly transformed my entire being. I live to appreciate the little moments, and strive to truly be present in whatever comes my way...big or small. Living creatively has only increased my sense of gratitude for the genuine pleasures and luxuries that I am able to participate in, in my life...this includes the little moments like being able to have a hot cup of tea, fold freshly washed towels, and watching the leaves blow in the breeze. Living creatively is very powerful to me...the power of this fuels my entire being through my thoughts, my actions and how I choose to live each and every day. I FEEL MOST POWERFUL WHEN...I can look back on certain situations, projects, and experiences and know deep down in my heart that I truly savored each and every second and consciously never took a moment of it for granted. A TRUE SIGN OF POWER IS...choosing YOUR path in life, empowering your own decisions and living an honest and true life. This is a struggle as we live in a world surrounded by influence that can sometimes work to back us into a corner. I believe power is demonstrated when you can rise above this, accept that others may have different dreams, wishes, and opinions on things but know that in your heart YOU have your own life to live and it is OK to do just that.

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